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Forget Yoga & Surf - Head to the Mountains instead

 Forget Yoga & Surfing – Head to the Mountains Instead!

Sri Lanka is definitely well-known for its pristine beaches, white sand, and awesome waves. We might be a little biased, but we think the mountains can give the never-ending stretches of coastline a run for their money. If you’re less of a surfer betty, and more of a country gal – here’s some reasons why you should skip the beach and head inland!


Bambaragala Rock, near Digana

Bambaragala Rock, near Digana

Yoga & Hiking – The Perfect Combination

Hiking and yoga complement each other effortlessly, offering a welcome change from the Yoga and Surfing holidays dotted around the island. Yoga promotes flexibility, balance and agility – helping you to stay stable and safe on the track. Aside from this, a post-hiking stretch can aid recovery and prevent muscles from becoming stiff! Hiking also encourages lung capacity from a more aerobic practice to balance out all your yoga practice.


Aside from the more obvious physical benefits, both yoga and hiking inspire a conscious mindfulness practice. Both activities create time for a slowing down and connecting to our bodies and the nature that surrounds us. Using skills from our yoga and meditation practice whilst hiking can lead to a greater sense of stillness and awareness of the present moment. Embrace true slow living in the heart of Sri Lanka.


 We all know that being out in nature does wonders for our health, but did you know that there’s a proven link between nature and happiness? Aside from soaking up that much needed Vitamin D, being surrounded by nature can lead to a greater sense of wellbeing. Researchers have noted that regardless of other psychological factors, spending time in nature can still enhance happiness. So go on, get out there – take your yoga well and truly off the mat!


Our favourite hiking spots



This is somewhat a hidden treasure of a hike, conveniently situated within walking distance from Rukgala Retreat. Begin with meander around the lake bed and start the summit at a beautiful Buddhist temple – observe the lack of crowds and peaceful setting. The short, yet picturesque walk to the top offers ancient rock paintings, meditation caves and often a few monkeys! When you reach the top, enjoy panoramic views of Victoria Lake, a glimpse of the Knuckles mountain range completed with a stunning jungle backdrop. Join us at Rukgala Retreat for some restorative Yoga afterwards. This hike is included in our 3/7/10 night packages.


  • Expect this to take between 3-4 hours depending on stopping time / route.

  • Level – Moderate, mostly an easy path but watch your footing as sometimes the ground is dusty/slippery. There’s also little scramble at the end.

*Remember to cover your shoulders & knees for the temple




Similar in many ways to Bambaragala, yet a little busier and much more well-known. Situated in Sigiriya- the hike offers a small temple, some ancient cave temples and a spectacular view of Lion’s rock. Head up in time for sunset and soak up the last of the evening’s rays. The top is fairly flat so consider doing a couple of sun salutations when you reach it (if you’re feeling brave that is).

  • Expect this to take around 1-2 hours.

  • Level – Easy to moderate, most of the walk is on an easy path with steps – a little steep at points.

*Remember to cover your shoulders & knees for the temple  


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The Knuckles range is within easy reach of Kandy, offering miles of unspoilt views. You’ll discover quirky tea plantations, gushing waterfalls and plenty of wildlife. There are heaps of different hikes you can venture out on - we love the gentle cloud forest hike where you can walk through tea plantations and into the clouds. We recommend headed to Ashburnham Estate in time for sunset - maybe squeezing in a dip in their private waterfalls or a meditation practice in the gardens. They also make an exceptional G+T.

  • Expect these hikes to take as long as you like (arrange anything from 2-8 hours and even overnight camping trips!)

  • Level - Varies


Still our favourite hike in Ella! An early morning stroll along the train tracks eventually leads to a faint blue arrow signalling for your turn off into tea plantations, across rivers and into the forest. A challenging hike on a humid day, but the views are worth the effort! Take your time and enjoy the journey. Head to Mamma Shanti for some yoga and relaxation afterwards.


  • Expect this hike to take around 4 hours

  • Level – Moderate (an easy path with a few steeper parts and requires a little endurance)


Need any more convincing? Chat to us for more info on any of the hikes!