July letter


(July 2018)

One of the rather unique daily rituals at Ruk is the arrival and departure of the gardeners' cows. Both Raja and Kumara enjoy the luxury of having their cows come to work with them, and with the water now slightly dropped, there's a little more space for their entertainment.

sunsets on coconut ridge

We've made good progress on a beautiful walk up and behind Rukgala that, looking West over Victoria Lake that swings around us, offers great sunsets. The walk takes guests through a beautiful, mature coconut plantation and at its highest point gives stunning views in almost every direction.


There was much excitement on learning that a large group booked in were in fact a team of Lululemon guys visiting Sri Lanka to meet with their manufacturing teams near Colombo. Sri Lanka, of course, is a hub for high quality garment production but, as with many export-driven markets, doesn't see much of the best stuff held back for the local market. Great yoga gear, then, is in short supply here and the possibility of being a Sri Lankan brand ambassador had teachers here very excited indeed.


July saw the start of some potentially great partnerships for Rukgala. We're teaming up with Prana Lounge, in Colombo, to develop a series of 'Prana Weekends In The Hills'. Prana Lounge co-founder Annie De Silva was the creative spark behind much of the Ruk design and so we're very excited to be working with her again, hoping to nudge the growing Colombo-yoga crowd out of the big smoke and up into the hills.

We're also mighty chuffed to have spent time with Teesha, the energy and vision responsible for workout.lk. The website champions, in its own words, "all things health and fitness" and we're really looking forward to offering Rukgala as a space for events a little outside the yoga field. We're putting finishing touches to a programme for a weekend in late September and will post much more on how to join very shortly.