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17th April - from Jasmine

If you’re new to yin yoga, we hold each pose for 3-5 minutes to receive the maximum benefit. The aim of the practice is to release stress and tension, which can easily accumulate in the body and mind throughout the day. We achieve this release, through complete stillness, and really allowing the body and mind to arrive into each posture. Try and aim for 70% of your maximum range of flexibility, so that you can find a soft edge throughout the practice.

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27th January 2019 - from Max

Oh dear, a significant gap in our posting. I know that notes were written for the last three months, but looking to the Dropbox cupboard now, I see it horribly bare. I certainly wrote something on the unusual, but wonderful, crowd we had during the England Test Match in November; not exactly Barmy Army (perhaps the England team’s most colourful fan-base) but certainly removed from the folk we have, to date, hosted at Ruk. It was a pleasure to have them - even introducing one or two to early morning yoga and wild swimming.

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30th September 2018 - from Kimberley

With Victoria Lake now literally lapping on our driveway with the rising water levels, along with it came the perfect opportunity to test out the new Rukgala boat. Gleefully being rowed around the lake in this wooden delight by head gardener Raja while eagles fly overhead, has been a real September highlight.

Dryer nights have allowed for some welcome chit-chat around the fire-pit, stargazing and firefly spotting over a few stiff coconut waters, and many communal curries have been enjoyed between friends old and new.

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21st September 2018

It’s been a real pleasure to have had Emma (Sheridan!) with us at Ruk over the last few months.

A qualified yoga teacher of some 15 years, Ems is a unique soul who’s very much charted her own path and we’re delighted that route led her to us. For those considering a different track we thought worth sharing some of her insights and experience.

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30 August 2018


Along with some unusual August showers came some exciting guests visiting our house on the rock.

The ReConnect retreat team from Australia hosted a week of unique workshops which included a lot of upside-down action and tantric exploration. We're really looking forward to working with Amber and Jack again next year - do keep an eye on our Events page for details of 2019's retreat.

We had Danish yoga photographer Oliver and family pay us a visit, which involved Rukgala yoga teachers Emma and Kimberley taking their lives and limbs into their own hands balancing on various rocks and benches...

We've put a collection of his beautiful shots from the Rukgala shoot here.

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18th August 2018

it can be pleasing and disappointing in equal measure to have a thought you considered original, only to learn others are thinking just the same.

So I felt on reading this last week. (Skift, by the way, is a most excellent read for anyone in the hotels/travel space.)

I'd been pondering for some time the denigration of the term 'tourism' and, indeed, the 'tourist' themselves. Recent guests had been bemoaning 'travel wankers' - those that had proudly 'done' seemingly every square inch of the planet and it occurred that while people happily proclaim their passion for 'travel', none (that I'd met) would describe a love of tourism...



27th July 2018

So this the first of a (we hope) ongoing series of brief monthly updates from Ruk. We'll post them here and may send on in a newsletter for those interested to receive that.

The water recedes

The commute got easier for the local buffalo as the dry weather saw the water drop, putting the village road back in operation...