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Guest comments



“I was so tired and worn out when I walked in. I am leaving totally refreshed, peaceful and absolutely healthy - Gosh do I have to leave? Loved every minute of the Glow Weekend. Thank you"

— THANUJ, APRIL 2, 2018


"A truly magical and spiritual space which envelops you entirely in the healing and energising powers from our beloved mother Earth. The space and design is so beautifully achieved, the food divine (especially the gluten-free bread!) and the staff very friendly and helpful. A perfect coming together of a very special space. Thank you for hosting us."

— LISA, APRIL 22, 2018


"Guys this place is just amazing and I am so grateful for being here for this weekend and being able to have the space with amazing people! The food is/was just the best, the staff, surrounding, everything. Good luck with everything and so looking forward to coming back."

— tilly, april 22, 2018

“What a wonderful location, staff, food - made it feel like home. We were loud, demanding & all over the place, however the hosts were always smiling & pleasant. The best place for a yoga retreat. We are definitely coming back."



"Incredible, magical, mystical. RUKGALA. Thank you for an amazing weekend of great service, community and inspiration."

— PRAVEEN, APRIL 22, 2018


"We came over as a team of 14 from Dubai & absolutely fell in love with Rukgala! Totally zenned out and grateful for this experience. Thank you!"

— NADIA, APRIL 17, 2018