Retreats at Rukgala

Rukgala offers a perfect space for retreats of all kinds, from yoga & meditation, to hiking and fitness. With large, communal spaces, and a beautiful Yoga Shala, the property has been thought out specifically to cater for group retreats.


join a retreat at ruk

We have a 3-night-in-house retreat package running throughout the year for those needing some R&R at an arrival date that suits them. Please see Rooms-prices-offers for more details. 

If keen perhaps to attend a themed retreat hosted by outside organisers, have a little look at our upcoming events, and be sure to contact them directly to express your interest. 



We've designed Rukgala to be a great location for group retreats. We've worked in plenty of open, communal spaces, built a really beautiful Shala, and designed the rooms to offer twin/shared accommodation options when needed.

We've thought a lot about how best to host yoga groups but love to work with teachers or leaders planning retreats for meditation, art, writing, fitness, bird-watching and more. We're sure Ruk would be a really great venue.

We know planning a retreat is time consuming, with so many moving parts. We've given a fair amount of info below but if you've other questions or would just like to talk through a possibility, please do contact us via:

Yoga Shala at Rukgala Retreat


We put a lot of time into building a really lovely Shala. We've used mature teak from a nearby estate to give a warm, natural feel and framed the structure against a natural rock wall. On one side the Shala looks down through the trees and on towards the lake. Open on all sides, and with a nice high ceiling there's a great feeling of space; it can comfortably accommodate 18 students plus a teacher.

We have a good range of yoga equipment and props - mats, blocks, cushions, straps & (light) blankets.

Student in Yoga Shala at Rukgala Retreat


We fully understand that planning a retreat of any kind, let alone one in (possibly) far-off Sri Lanka is a daunting prospect. We have a great network here of teachers, assistants, retreat organisers and we can very easily connect you to better help you launch and manage your retreat at Rukgala. We don't as yet have residential therapists but, again, will happily help source great people based here to add to your 'retreat team'.

Snake Gourd at Rukgala Retreat

Pricing & Exclusivity

Our retreat prices reflect the room rates (appropriately discounted for long stays and amended to reflect single person stays), with the option for you to add activities/trips, and menu options.

We do think Ruk works best when taken exclusively, and so we have also created a price which allows your group to commandeer the space as your own. For full details on prices and for a clear proposal, do email us, as above.

View a PDF of our Retreat Rates here.





Train journery in Sri Lanka


Responsibility for managing sixteen or so independent clients moving about Sri Lanka does not sit lightly. We're very happy to help, though. The chances are your guests will come to Rukgala having flown in. We can help arrange train tickets up from Colombo, cars or vans if preferred, and suggest accommodation in town if landing the day before.

The seaplane can in fact, when chartered, land within a short Tuk Tuk ride of Rukgala. We can help with admin, pricing and booking of that option. Taking the plane can cut around 3-4 hours of driving time and of course offers a unique way of seeing this beautiful island.