Food at Rukgala



On food & drink, we've been conscious of the need to offer something really special. We've also been lucky enough to work with some amazingly talented and creative folks, who've helped us come up with what we think is a pretty unique menu. We've focused on showing off wonderful Sri Lankan flavours but also coming up with vegan and vegetarian options that don't rely entirely on the 'rice and curry' staple. 

Private stays

We offer a daily changing menu, bringing in elements from the three 'Retreat' menus described below. Though we are in a remote spot there are, for those not entirely taken with our concept, some alternatives within pretty easy reach. 


We've designed three menus that start from a vegan base and build in vegetarian and 'flexitarian' options. These menus are set for your retreat but we can add in local, Sri Lankan dishes on request. Details of our Retreat Menus can be seen here.